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Zigbee places far less strain on your WIFI network, providing you with a much faster and more secure connection.

Unlike traditional hub systems, in which devices communicate to a central controller, our Zigbee products use mesh networking technology. This allows devices to communicate with one another, if one relay device should fail, the devices can communicate with another relay device, leaving service uninterrupted as a whole.

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Improve your security with an automated roller blind motor and set your blinds to open or close even while you’re away. Ideal for both the home or office, you can set blinds to open and close at a set time of your choice.

Deter intruders by automating the blinds to give the impression that you are home. This is perfect for when you are away or on holiday. In addition to this, the smart roller blind motor also prevents others from looking in.

Set schedules and program your blinds to close automatically at nightfall, to ensure that your windows are secure during the night.

Set Your Own Routines

For those who enjoy waking to natural light, automated blinds are an ideal addition to the home. Set blinds to open at sunrise and close at sunset with routines.

The Roller Blind motor is also fantastic for those with children. Set your children’s blinds to close at a designated bedtime and wake them for school with ease by having their blinds open in the mornings.

Other routines can also be created such as movie time, simply tell your home assistant that it’s time for a movie, and watch as your smart blinds close automatically.

Voice Command

Assisting With Restricted Mobility

Having a Zignito blind motor could make life so much easier for those with restricted mobility. If you or someone you love faces challenges when opening and closing blinds, going automated with smart blinds could make all the difference.

Users can control their blinds using voice command, remote control, or app control, meaning there’s no need to reach for the cord or pully.

For those who prefer a more traditional method of control, a remote is included. The remote allows you to control your smart blinds from anywhere and is also ideal for guests or children who do not have the app.

Easy Installation

This smart roller blind motor comes pre-assembled making for a quick and simple installation. Adjust the size of the smart blinds and get the perfect fit for most windows.

Sync with other Devices

Sync your Zignito Roller Blind Motor with other devices and create a complete smart system. Sync your smart blinds with your smart lighting and have the lights turn on as your blinds close, creating a seamless transition.

The blind motor can also be synced with security devices: Set your smart blinds to open when an alarm is triggered to deter or interrupt intruders. This also allows the authorities to look in if called.

Using the Zignito Hub and dedicated app, you can sync your blinds to a number of sub-devices, enabling you to control them all in one place and synchronise routines.

zignitorollerBlind Web
Item Weight5 kg
FitmentWall or ceiling mounted
MaterialAluminium, plastic and rubber
Voltage110 - 240 volts (For charging the motor batteries)
Wattage13 watts
Torque1.2 Nm
Running speed14cm per sec
Rated current1.2 amps
Maximum turn limitInfinite
Maximum load20 kg
Radio frequency433 Mhz
Warranty1 year

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