2 Options Available

B22 or E27 light bulb fixture.

The Zignito starter pack comes with 2 options available. Each option includes 2 A60 bulbs, a Quick Button and a Zignito Hub.

The A60 bulbs come with either an E27 fitting or a B22. Therefore no matter which type of bulb you need, we’ve got you covered.

Please select which type of bulb you require before checkout.

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Devices You Can Depend On…

Zigbee places far less strain on your WIFI network, providing you with a much faster and more secure connection.

Unlike traditional hub systems, in which devices communicate to a central controller, our Zigbee products use mesh networking technology. This allows devices to communicate with one another, if one relay device should fail, the devices can communicate with another relay device, leaving service uninterrupted as a whole.

Delivering a Range of Smart Features…

App Control

One App, Many Features

Zignito Lighting starter pack connects effortlessly to the Smart Life App, enabling you to utilise a range of amazing smart features such as scheduling, voice control and more.

Working with ome Assistants

Working with Smart Assistants

Our Zignito Lighting starter pack works with Amazon Alexa, Google Home and more. Enabling you to use voice command across all connected devices.

The Zignito Lighting Starter Pack Includes…

ZigbeeA e b

2x Zignito A60 Bulbs

Zignito A60 bulbs enable you to dim, tune and change the colour of your lighting with a voice command or the swipe of a smartphone.

With 16 million colour combinations to choose from, you’ll ever get bored or struggle to set the perfect ambience in a room.

These devices require the Zignito hub and a dedicated app in order to utilise smart features such as dimming, tuning, scheduling and more.

Zignito A Home
Qucik Button web

Zignito Quick Button

The Zignito quick button offers a simple solution when you want to send a demand across multiple devices. Turn off all devices at once, Lock all doors simultaneously, the possibilities are endless and completely up to you.

Sync the button to your smartphone and create your desired commands. You can also get notifications on your smartphone such as low battery warnings, with Tuya or Smart Life App.

Sync with any various Zignito Devices & your smartphone. Zignito Hub is required in order to sync this button with your device & phone.

Control At Home
ZigbeeWiredHub Web

Zignito Smart Hub

The Zignito Smart Hub works as a bridge between devices, enabling you to control all of your devices with one app.

The Zignito Hub is quick and easy to install and connects seamlessly with other Zignito products, providing you with the ultimate smart home experience.

Connects with lighting, heating, security devices and more.


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  • 2 x A60 Bulbs (E27 or B22)
  • 1 x Quick Button
  • 1 x Zignito Hub

Zignito A60 Bulbs

  • Choice of E27 or B22
  • RGB + Warm + Cool White Lighting
  • Control Via Smartphone
  • Zigbee Powered
  • True 2000K - 6500K Tuneable White
  • 16 Million Colour Combinations
  • Group, Timer Function
  • Easy Installation

Zignito Quick Button

  • 3 Mode Button Sequence - Single, Double, Triple Click
  • Up To 3 Actions
  • Alerts Via Smartphone
  • Compatible with all Zignito Products
  • 12 Month Battery Life
  • No Wiring

Zignito Hub

  • Sync up-to 128 Sub-Devices
  • Control All Devices Via Smartphone
  • Wired Connection (LAN)
  • Control At Home or Away
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Zigbee Powered
Zigbee 3.0 Protocol
Easy & Fast Setup
Super Low Power Consumption
Control Sub-devices locally or away from home.
Suppoirt 128 Zigbee Sub-Devices
Ethernet Interface, more stable support scenario, linkage, functions

How to Pair Your Zignito Hub

How to Pair Your Zignito Quick Button

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