Product Features

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    Connect Up To 128 Devices
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    Varied Scenarios
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    App Control
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    Home & Away Control
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    Voice Command
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    Gateway Between Devices
Hub connecting to all devices

Connect Up to 128 Devices

The Zignito Smart Hub works as the brain of your smart home system. It bridges your devices and syncs to your App, so that you can remain in complete control of everything, all in one application.

The Zignito Hub will also sync with Alexa and Google Home, so you can use voice command!


Control your smart lighting using a dedicated app or voice command. Create scenes and highlight your home.

Scheduling, tuning and dimming features allow you to get creative with your lighting. The Zignito Smart Hub can sync to any Zigbee bulb.

Hub Controlling Lighting
Hub Connecting Security


With the Zignito Smart Hub you can control and monitor your smart security systems together alongside any other devices you may wish to sync to the hub. There’s no need for additional hubs or applications.

Turn alarms on and off and set parameters on your devices using your Zigbee connection.


All of your Zigbee safety devices will also connect to the hub, allowing you to communicate with them seamlessly.

Turn up the temperature, adjust humidity settings and receive updates from your devices on your smartphone through your chosen app.

Hub connecting to safety devices

How Do I Set Up This Device?

Setting up this device is quick, easy and simple. Ajax Online has created detailed guides on how to set up each device to help our customers get their smart home ecosystem up and running in minutes.

Zigbee 3.0 Protocol
Easy & Fast Setup
Super Low Power Consumption
Control Sub-devices locally or away from home.
Suppoirt 128 Zigbee Sub-Devices
Ethernet Interface, more stable support scenario, linkage, functions

How to set up your Zignito Smart Hub

In this video, we'll show you how to set up your Zignito Smart Hub in a few simple steps.
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