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Door sensor Example shot


Window and door Sensors are the ideal starting solution for home security. Get notified of intrusions and set responses by syncing the door sensor to other devices such as lights and alarms. Lights and alarms will turn on when intrusion is detected.

As well as intrusion, these door sensors can send gentle reminders to your phone when you’ve left a window or door open when leaving your home, so you can make sure your home or office remains secure.

The Door and window sensor is also suited to shops, galleries and other buildings that require more advanced security. Get notifications immediately and contact the authorities to prevent theft or property damage.

Sync with other Devices

Being able to sync to other devices not only makes the Zignito Door Sensor good for security but it can also be used to adapt your smart products to your daily routine.

Set lights to turn on or off when a door opens and closes. Or set your heating to turn on when you arrive home.

As well as these scenarios you can also use the sensors in a professional setting. Set sound to play when a customer enters a store or play light scenes when someone enters a room.

Door Sensor Sync with other devices
Door sensor child safety


Our children’s safety is so important to us but as children become more mobile and learn to open doors, it can cause us to worry about their safety.

By using Door sensors, we can rest assured that our children are safe and have not managed to open the front door without us seeing.

Others may be concerned about people leaving doors open when they are in a hurry. With notifications, you can stay in complete control and keep your home secure.

How Do I Set Up This Device?

Setting up this device is quick, easy and simple. Ajax Online has created detailed guides on how to set up each device to help our customers get their smart home ecosystem up and running in minutes.

Technical Specifications

Detection Distance10 - 20 Meters
Battery TypeCR2032x2
Battery Life12 Months (230 mAh Low Consumption)
Wireless StandardIEEE 802.15.4
Wireless TypeZigbee 3.0
Working Temperature-10 to 50 Degress Celcius
Working Humidity10% - 95% RH

How to set up your Zignito Door Sensor

In this video, we'll show you how to set up your Zignito Door Sensor in a few simple steps.
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