Why Choose The Pro Series Extension LED Strip?

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Even Stronger Than Before

The Pro Series LED Extension strips are more durable and offer performance that can not be achieved by any other extension LED strips. These strips are built to last and made from high-quality materials, making them a great investment for long term use.

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Even Better Performance

The Pro Series LED Extension strips deliver even better brightness and colour display than any other extension strips on the market. With 96 LEDs per meter, these strips outshine previous models, with more premium performance.

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Easy to Install

Much like other strips that are available here at Ajax Online, these pro extension strips are easy to install. Simply connect the pro series LED extension strips to your existing strip using a clip connector and you’re good to go. The extension strip also comes with adhesive already applied, so you can secure it in your ideal location effortlessly.

Why Go Pro?

Our Pro Series collection is superior in every way.

Made with high-quality materials, these products are more durable and versatile. These Pro Series products are leading the way in smart home technology with never seen before features.

Explore the Zigbee Pro Series Range

Pro-Series LED Strip Kit

Zigbee Pro LED Strip Kit

The Zigbee Pro Extension strip kit includes everything you need to get your smart LED strip lighting setup and functioning perfectly. Make the most out of your LED strips with our pro remote and connect to your smart hub or device with the 5 in 1 controller.

Pro-Series 6 Pin LED Extension Wire

Pro Series 6-Pin Extension Wire

Ideal for LED strip lighting in kitchens. Need to create a break in your lights in order to get around your stove? Simply use these wires to extend your reach around areas of your room that doesn’t require lighting.

6-pin Extension Connector Clip

6-Pin Pro Series Connector Clips

If you’re looking to use extensions in your strips, you can achieve a seamless connection with the connector clips. Specially designed to help you extend the strip, without losing power.

LED Power Amplifier

LED Power Amplifier

In order to ensure that you don’t lose power in your strip, Ajax Online offers this high-quality power amplifier that should be used at 5m intervals in your strip. The Amplifier doesn’t waste energy as it steadily powers your LED strips and extensions.


  • 5 in 1 LED Chip
  • 2m or 5m Length
  • 16 Million Colours
  • 50,000 Shades of White

Recommended Uses

  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Bedroom
  • Hallways
  • Living Room
5 in 1 LED Chip
6cm Cuttable Lengths
96 LEDs per meter
12mm wide
24 volts
19 watts per meter
IP20 Rating- non-waterproof
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