Extend The Life of Your LEDs

The U-Shaped LED Aluminum Profile is designed to work as a heat sink to help manage the heat distribution of your LED strips. This is in order to protect your strip from overheating, extending the life of your LEDs.

The profile also protects your LED strip from other damaging elements such as water, dust and UV radiation.


Better Performing LEDs

By protecting your LED strips, not only do you allow them to last longer but you also improve the quality of light they produce.

Over time, outside elements such as dust can build up and block light from coming through. By using the LED Aluminum Profile you prevent this whilst enabling brilliant light distribution.


A More Professional Aesthetic

Not only does the LED Aluminum Profile offer great practical and financial benefits, but it also enables you to achieve a more professional looking job when installing your LED strips.

Achieve a cleaner and more secure strip lighting effect that will last.

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