Smart WIFI GU10 Spotlight Bulb- RGB with Cool and Warm Whites

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Our super bright Smart WIFI GU10 Spotlight Bulb is perfect for setting the right atmosphere in your home, office and more.

  • Control your GU10 WIFI Spotlight bulb with your voice – Compatible with Alexa, Google Home or using SIRI Shortcuts
  • True 2700K – 6500K tuneable white – Choose from 50,000 shades of Warm & cool white with the GU10 WIFI Spotlight Bulb, to create the ideal ambience.
  • 16 million colours to choose from. The smart WIFI GU10 Spotlight bulb is perfect for creating a more vibrant home.
  • Remotely controlled, allowing you to control your lighting from anywhere in your home.
  • Group, timer and timer function. This is great for adding extra security even when you are away from home. Turn your lights on or off while you’re away!

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Product Features

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    Voice Command
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    Group Timer
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    Dimming & Tuning
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Ask Alexa to Turn on Your Lights or Use Your SmartPhone

Complete control with voice command: there’s no need to leave your seat, you can control our smart gu10 wifi spotlight bulbs with your voice. Simply ask Alexa or Google home to turn the bulb on/off. You can even dim the brightness or change it from cool white to warm white.

This bulb is also compatible with Samsung smart things via smart things connect, giving you even more control possibilities.

Added Security with Smart Gu10 Spotlight Bulb

Group, timer and schedule function: our smart gu10 spotlight bulb can be set to turn on/off at your scheduled time. Great security for when you are on holiday or when you’re not at home. It also prevents lights from being accidentally left on over night, saving you money on your electricity bills.

These bulbs are energy efficient and cost effective. The lighting effects that you create are completely up to you.

App control of wifi bulb
dimming and tuning

The Smart Wifi Gu10 Spotlight Has 16 Million Colours

16 million colours or 50,000 shades of white: the smart gu10 spotlight bulb has a wide array of colours. True – 2700 k – 6500 k tuneable white. Create the perfect atmosphere and mood for the different rooms in your home, whether you’re having a party or a cosy night in.

The Smart Wifi GU10 spotlight bulbs are versatile and offer a range of colourful possibilities. These are GU10 Wifi bulbs and therefore only require wifi to work. Furthermore you’ll find there is no complicated set up.

Why Choose the GU10 Wifi Spotlight Bulb?

The use of Smart GU10 spotlight bulbs is a quick, simple and effective way to make your home more modern.

Spotlights quickly make a home feel more modern. They are also fantastic for making a space feel bigger. So whether you have a large room or a cosy one, these GU10 Wifi Spotlight bulbs can really show off what makes a house a home.

These bulbs offer a fantastic smart lighting system, that can be tailored to your preferences and individual needs, and come highly recommended by our customers.

modern spotlighting
Weight 700 g
Dimensions 21 × 28 × 7 cm
Pack Size

Pack of 1, Pack of 2, Pack of 4, Pack of 8

Beam Angle

Bulb Type


Light Colour

Full Colour


400 Lumens






Amazon's Alexa, Google Home, Tuya/SmartLife

Average Life

25000 Hours


5.5 Watts


110-240 Volts


Aluminium and Plastic


159 Grams


Based on 36 reviews

4.8 overall

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  1. MQ (verified owner)

    Great Product – Easy to setup – Has its own App and connects to Alexa Very good, seems to work fine, got them setup easily with no problem. The great thing is you can control them via the Smart Life App even when you’re not in the home/location of the lights and you can connect them to Alexa control them from there, i.e. voice command, as part of routines or even via the Alexa app.


  2. Ray (verified owner)

    Loving the lights and how they interact with Google, Thank You, Ray.


  3. Stuart Eade (verified owner)

    Really good product. Easy and fun to use. Had an issue with a faulty bulb, but I urge anyone who encounters an issue to contact them first, rather than leave a negative review – they put mine right without hesitation. Would definitely order from these guys again.

    Stuart Eade

  4. Mark Cater (verified owner)

    Brought 8 of these bulbs, very easy to set up.
    Couldn’t wait to see whet they were like in the dark, was not disappointed.

    Mark Cater

  5. Francis

    2.4ghz wifi not high speed than 5ghz that you get with a fibre optic. I googled a lot but managed to find a solution eventually. Cheap compared to Phillips Hue.


  6. Ruby

    Exceed my expectations, connects with Google Home. I am genuinely impressed by these smart bulbs. Easy to set up. Works well with Google Assistant.


  7. Mary

    Used these bulbs for my daughter’s room. Fits well and can control with Alexa. They fit perfectly – just a mm smaller. Spent long testing them out all over the house, amongst different rooms. The product says what it is mean to do and does the job. I had some difficulties, but Ajay was helpful. Great customer service.


  8. Champak

    Great customer service. Had some issues with the bulb, but Ajay sent new ones and it worked fine.


  9. Larry

    Perfect Lighting. Brought a pack of four, installed them and tested them out. Bulbs are Wi-Fi enabled. Took around 10 minutes to install. Smart Life app allows you to group lights according to your taste, and each light can belong to more than one group. Voice commands allows the lights to be switched on and off, the brightness and colours can change.


  10. Kevin

    Good Bulbs. Excellent communication from Ajay, easy to install


  11. Natalie

    Great Bulbs. Easy to set up, attentive customer service from Ajay.


  12. Wendy

    Good as expected. Lamps work well. The setup is a bit tricky. I used this for my spare bedroom.


  13. Amanda Hilton

    Good Bulb. Great customer service, but unfortunately I found it quite expensive.

    Amanda Hilton

  14. Jamie

    Great lights, Great brightness, installed well. Good buy.


  15. Vicki

    Absolutely perfect.


  16. William

    Superb product. Able to use outdoor at night. Easy to set up.


  17. Patrick

    Great customer service, easy to change colour of bulb via Alexa.


  18. Noreen

    Great value for money, amazing customer service. I have recommended this product to my brother.


  19. Ravi

    Great bulbs, cheaper one, dim light and white range of colour temperature.


  20. Tanya

    Good Bulb Temperature. It lasts.


  21. Helen

    Easy to set up with Alexa. Good Fun and works well.


  22. Fred

    4 bulbs and had a problem with one dropping connection, e-mail Ajay and he took care of it.


  23. Tammy

    Worth the Money. Good quality bulbs.


  24. Jenny

    Excellent Product. Easy to set up, set them up, works perfectly with Google Home, good value for money.


  25. Benedict

    Good Value for Money. Better than I thought.


  26. Nissy

    Great product, nice white bulbs


  27. Tyronne

    Great Bulbs. Easy to set up.


  28. Andrea

    Will order again. Simple to set up, easy to use.


  29. Lani

    Great! Saved £300, took a little time but managed to set up. Works well in the kitchen.


  30. Trishan

    Easy to install, connects with Google Home, better sleep due to colour, great concept and fantastic product.


  31. Chelsea

    Smart packaging, excellent product and SmartLife App wit Alexa.


  32. Bella

    Great, Fantastic. Please buy.


  33. anchan

    Good WiFi Bulbs. Good price, very effective.


  34. Premlia

    Love my spotlights! Brilliant colours and works.


  35. Sandy Baptie (verified owner)

    Superb product. Easy to install, to set up with wi-fi and to control, from anywhere. I bought six for my living room a few months ago. I have recently bought another 8 for other rooms in my house. The colours are sensational.

    Sandy Baptie

  36. Robert Norton (verified owner)

    Really good bulbs, easy to set up and intergrate into my home automations. Work well with Alexa. Very happy with purchase and customer service from Ajax Online. Have used the company before and will use again.

    Robert Norton

  • How do I group the bulbs?
    1. Click On any one of the bulb you want to group.
    2. Select Pencil “Edit sign” Top right hand corner.
    3. Scroll down and you will see “Create Group”
    4. Add all the bulbs you need in that group and name the group.
    5. Save and Done
  • Is there an App I can use for the GU10 Smart Spotlight Bulb?

    The Smart WiFi Gu10 bulbs pair with the SmartLife & Tuya apps, which are available to download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

  • “I’m having issues with connecting my GU10 Smart Spotlight Bulb to Alexa/Google Home”

    Please ensure that you have enabled the skill. If this fails please contact us for further assistance.

  • Is the GU10 Smart Spotlight Bulb compatible with a Philips Hue, Samsung SmartThings or Zigbee Hub?

    The bulbs are currently not compatible with Philips Hue, Samsung SmartThings or Zigbee Hub. The connect via WiFi and pair with the SmartLife and Tuya apps.

  • Is the Smart GU10 Spotlight Bulb compatible with Bluetooth?

    The bulbs are currently not compatible with bluetooth. The connect via WiFi and pair with the SmartLife and Tuya apps.

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