Smarten Up Your Blinds & Curtains!

Smart Curtain and Blind Motor mounted

Flexible Mounting

We appreciate all homes are different, so we have designed our motors with this in mind. Our Blind motors are incredibly versatile and can be mounted either the wall or on a window recess.

Home Security

Home Security

Home security is very important, this Smart Blind Motor gives you peace of mind that you’re able to close your blinds whilst being away from home with the scheduling feature or a smart app.

Control your blinds with Alexa

Supporting Restricted Mobility

Having a smart blind motor could make life so much easier for those with restricted mobility. If you or someone you love faces challenges when opening and closing blinds or curtains, going automated could make all the difference.


Compatible with Beaded or Corded Side Mechanism Blinds/curtains

Our Smart Electric WiFi Blind Motors are compatible with a wide range of blind types. Please see our compatibility image for further details.

Please note: Not compatible with bamboo shades, perfect fit window blinds, pleated shades, honeycomb shades and wooden shades

Blind Motor Gears

Cord Type Compatibility

Our smart blind motor comes with 3 different gears:

Cord gear – For string cords/small beads chains.

Small/medium ball chain gear – For small/medium beaded chains.

Large ball chain gear – For large beaded chains

The gears are designed to accommodate most types of blind cords.

Smart Home Hubs

Smart Blind Motors Work with All Major Home Automation Platforms

Our smart Wifi blind motors work with Alexa, Google Home and Apple Siri (using shortcuts)

Please note: Not compatible with Apple HomeKit.

easy installation icon

Easy Installation

Scheduling icon

Convenient Scheduling

multiple control

Multiple Motor Control

Home Security icon

Location Awareness


  • Timer and Scheduling
  • Works with Alexa, Google Home & Apple Siri Shortcuts
  • Compatible with Smart Life and Tuya app
  • Available on iOS and Android

Recommended Uses

  • Kitchens
  • Bedrooms
  • Hallways
  • Living rooms

Please note


Question: “Is the Ajax Online Smart WIFI Blind Motor Engine compatible with Bluetooth?”

Answer: No, It’s a WIFI compatible Blind Motor.

Question: “Is the Ajax Online Smart WIFI Blind Motor Engine compatible with a Philips Hue or Samsung SmartThings Zigbee Hub?”

Answer: No, It’s a WIFI compatible Blind Motor, which connects to the Smart Life/Tuya app.

Question: “I’m having issues with connecting/pairing the Smart Life/Tuya app with the Ajax Online Smart WIFI Blind Motor Engine”

Answer: Please make sure your smartphone/tablet is on 2.4GHz WIFI frequency. If you are not sure please message us and we will be more than happy to help.

Question: “My Ajax Online Smart WIFI Blind Motor Engine is paired with the app, however, it doesn’t seem to be operational within the app”

Answer: Please ensure that you have completed “Step 7” in the Installation guide. This step sets the upper and lower limit of the blind/drape.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to message us so we can better assist you.

Item Weight600 g
Dimensions17 x 5.4 x 5.4 cm
Voltage12.6 volts 1A
Type of MotorWIFI and RF

Cord type compatibility

Our blind motor comes with?3?different gears.

Cord gear

For string cords/small beads chains.

Small/medium ball chain gear

For small/medium beaded chains.

Large ball chain gear

For large beaded chains

The gears are designed to accommodate most type of blind cords.

Compatible with beaded or corded side mechanism blinds/curtains

Our Smart Electric WiFi Blind Motors are compatible with a wide range of blind types. Please see our compatibility image for further details,

Please note: Not compatible with bamboo shades, perfect fit window blinds, pleated shades, honeycomb shades and wooden shades

Ajax Online Smart WIFI Blind Motor - Installation & Pairing with Smart Life App/Alexa/Apple Siri

App Pairing Guide -

Ajax Online Smart WIFI Blind Motor - Installation & Pairing with Smart Life App/Alexa/Apple Siri

In this video, we'll show you how to install and pair your smart blind motor to the Smart Life App, Alexa and Apple Siri.

Setting Limits for Ajax Online Smart WiFi Blind Motor

This video shows you how to set the limits so the blinds can stop exactly where you need them. 1. Draw the blind to your desired upper height with the “UP” arrow button. 2. Press & hold down the “STOP” button for 6-8 seconds. The LED will flash to confirm. 3. Now lower the blind to your desired bottom height with the “DOWN” arrow button & then press the “STOP” button.

Smart Blind Engine Comparison BRUNT VS AJAX - @GeekStreet Review

Youtube Creators @GeekStreet take a closer look at the Ajax Online Smart Blind Motor and how it compares to Brunt.

BEST Motorised Smart Blind Engine: Works with Google Home, Amazon Alexa and No Hub Needed - @ GeekStreet Set Up

Youtube Creators @GeekStreet take a closer look at the Ajax Online Smart Blind Motor, How it works and How to Set up.

Control WiFi Smart Blinds in your Smart Home (Home Assistant, Homekit, Alexa, Google)

Youtube Creators @SmartHomeMakers show you how to set up and install your Smart Blind Motor. They also show you how to pair the device with smart home giants such as Home Assistant, Homekit, Alexa and Google.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Whether you have a general enquiry or a technical question, please do not hesitate in contacting us and we?ll be more than happy to help.

119 reviews for Smart WiFi Blind Motor – No Hub Required

  1. David

    I got one of these Smart Blind Motor for my elderly mother and it is so good it was mentioned in a care audit report of her. It has made such a difference for her as she used to sit for hours with the blind closed before it got dark,

    Ajax support blew me away – amazing support and advice even when the problem I had turned out to be the wifi signal and not their problem.

    If you have an elderly parent or just want to close the blinds for security you must get one. And not just for roller blinds – I connected it to her horizontal blind – perfect.

  2. Ken

    Had Ajax Smart Wifi Blind Motor since November fantastic…just had a holiday overseas full control while there much added securiy open/close at random and also programmed to open 7.15 am again more than pleased.

  3. Neil Taylor

    I had been looking for something like this for a while. So glad I found the Ajax blind engine. It was really easy to install and set up. Good clear instructions and all worked first time. It was so good, I went to the Smart Life app to add the blind engine and, as I had the app already for other products, it had automatically added the blind engine! I am extremely satisfied and would recommend this product to anyone.

  4. Steve P (verified owner)

    I ordered two of these blind motors and I am highly impressed with them.
    They are good quality, were super quick & easy to install, setup and integrate into my existing smart home system. I had the pair of them all up and running in a little over 30 minutes. I am pleased to say that they operate very accurately once the open/close positions have been set and they are smooth and quiet.
    Customer support is also excellent. Having had to confirm by email different delivery and billing addresses, I was lucky enough to have my delivery upgraded. Ajay was very quick to respond to emails even out of hours, as I found out after thanking him for the delivery upgrade and letting him know that the products had arrived and were all quickly and successfully setup.
    I have no doubt that I shall be purchasing more goodies from here soon!

  5. The Coach- Easy to use blind automation (verified owner)

    Simple to install and seems to work well. I’m using it on a fairly heavy fabric Roman blind but it seems to cope quite happily with it. No problems adding it to the Smart Life App (which I already use for other ‘smart’ devices) and Alexa discovered it immediately and voice control works fine with it.

  6. Tim Bishop (verified owner)

    I have bedroom curtains controlled by a cord loop and was hoping to find a device to electrically power them. This arrived yesterday and it works brilliantly. The motor unit is quite powerful. These curtains are heavy – velvet and lined 4m wide by 3m high but the device seems to move them fine. Connecting it to the chord, fitting to the wall, connecting to Wi-Fi and to the Smart Life app all went exactly as the instructions suggested. The Smart Life app has been updated a bit since the instructions were written but it was still straightforward. Setting up the open and close limits worked fine. And so now I have buttons on my iphone and Siri voice Commands set up to open and close – and also to partially open (you can choose a Percentage open). I just hope it don’t wear it out now. Can’t resist playing with it. Can’t imagine what the neighbours must be thinking.

  7. STEVE (verified owner)

    I can’t recommend The Smart Blind Motor enough. It does everything I need it to and more. The Smart Blind Motor is flexible and versatile and set up was easy as 1…2…3. This product is one of those products you don’t fully appreciate until you have it. It’s a must have product for any smart home enthusiast. It has made my life easier and provided great convenience and peace of mind, in regards to scheduling and the home security that comes from that. A UK based Customer service and technical assistance is fantastic and made the whole purchase process a breeze!

  8. MoreChablis (verified owner)

    I’ve been looking at a few smart blind motor options; from motors connected directly in the blind tube & other external blind chain motors. This blind motor seemed the best and most flexible option available. I bought one blind motor at fist, but have ended up buying 6 so far… But this was after sorting out a few ‘user manual’ niggles (the instructions should say ‘Set Up the Chain Motor First’ including the ‘OPEN & CLOSE’ settings. ONLY set up the SMART APP and CONNECT the Blind Motor after you have set up the Chain Motor to work through the buttons on the motor unit. Apart from that niggle everything has been fine setting up the Smart Blind Motor. The only thing to be aware of is that you will most likely have to ‘cut’ and re-join the blind chain, as the Chain Motor needs the blind chain to be ‘tight’ to work. But the ‘connectors’ to reconnect the chain together doesn’t go through the chain motor ‘cog’ (or the main Cog of the blind, might be different with the blind you have)- I have tried various chain ‘connectors’. So to get over this problem, I MELT the blind chain beads; joining one to another. This works fine. If a little fiddly. BLIND MOTOR POSITION: I tried various positions for the motor. on the wall I found straight down 3-4cn from top of windowsill the best place. My blinds are inside the window space. SMART/WIIFI – Every easy, and works well, I use the ‘automation’ so blinds close at sunset and open at sunrise and the blinds work well with ALEXA and Google Home. Plus the remotes you can buy separately work easily.

  9. jsthompson (verified owner)

    Decided to automate my 3 blinds in our bay window, after looking round I decided to try the Ajax motor. Initially I purchased 1 unit to see how well it worked. It was so easy to set up and worked so well I have just ordered 2 more units. Instructions are good, had a bit of trouble with the recommended app for some reason but ended up using an existing app that I use for my smart sockets (eFamilyCloud) which worked well and immediately connected to Alexa so I can control the blind with my voice. Well worth the money.

  10. Brian A (verified owner)

    The motor came with A4 simple to follow colour instructions for fitting and setting up with Amazon Alexa and Siri. It was super easy to install and easy to pair with Alexa. My partner struggled to open the blind due to its location and problems with rheumatoid arthritis. But now with the Alexa functionality and the smart life app the blind closes automatically at 1800 and opens at 0800. You might need to lengthen you blind bead string so that the motor isn’t halfway up your window frame which mine was but not s high problem as it solved a bigger problem. Highly recommended so far.

  11. Waleed Rashid (verified owner)

    Just bought a pair of the blind motors and I am vey happy with them easy to instal and easy to use.
    excellent product well done.

  12. Craig (verified owner)

    The level of support defied all my expectations. If you enjoy listening to music on hold or robotically being told to press 1 for this, press 2 for that and 3 to go into a black hole you are definitely buying from the wrong company. I can assure you that you will be blown away by the help provided to install the product and the ongoing support should anything go wrong.

  13. Richard Lawrence (verified owner)

    Used 2 of these to operate some curtains that are awkward to reach. Work well for this task. Curtains already corded with tensioners so very straight forward to replace them with the motor as a ‘cord’ pulley included in the kit.

    Only slight issue is with the instructions for use with Amazon Alexa Echo. The printed instructions are very difficult to read and the ‘commands’ that can be used not evident. A quick email to Ajax was responded to immediately, basically ‘on’ and ‘off’. Overall very happy with purchase.

  14. Joe Divilly (verified owner)

    I find the product and very easy to install and set up. It is robust and is quite capable of lifting 1 & 1.2 meter wide roman blinds and the smaller ones. It is easy to configure with it limits for up & down and set up with Alexa. The unit is robust and solid.

  15. Pete Rutherford (verified owner)

    GREAT BLIND MOTOR works well I had a struggle to connect to wifi mostly my fault. I called them for help and spoke to Ajay who was very helpfull and soved my problems. GEAT ITEM AND SUPERB SERVICE

  16. Pete Rutherford (verified owner)

    I bought a total of a of these smart blind motors. they are excelent can be a little tempremental to set up wifi but perseveer and you will be impressed. I had a problem with one motor that was not working correctly but called them up and spoke to AJAY HE IS REALLY HELPFULL they exchanged it with no probems free postage and returns GREAT ITEM GREAT SERVICE WHAT MORE COULD YOU WANT

  17. John Warner (verified owner)

    Bought two further smart blind motors as so pleased with the first one. Quick to install now I know the ropes!

  18. Christopher Addicott (verified owner)

    Purchased these blind motors to replace some non smart remote controlled units that were starting to fail..
    First class speedy next day delivery. The blinds motors were straightforward to fit. I have a tp_link deco mesh Wi-Fi setup the TuyaSmart app found my 3 units located around the property easily I didn’t even have to select 2.4 GHz band to connect them up. I have the RF remote as a backup and setting that up to use with the blind motors is also straightforward. Using the Alexa routine function you can obviously set them up on a timer and/or have them voice controlled as well in any combination you wish. All in all I could not be happier with the purchase.

  19. Ian Bailey (verified owner)

    Recently purchased the smart blind motor to be used with quite heavy curtains. Works like a dream and am very pleased. Also bought the remote as this was for my elderly mother in law and she hasn’t got a smart phone nor does she like talking to Alexa. Installation and set-up was very easy. Definitely recommend

  20. Colin MacCormick (verified owner)

    Fantastic item means we can now open the blinds anytime as there is furniture in front f both windows.

  21. Jacob

    I have used a competitor’s system before which was very annoying, regularly overloading and losing connection. It took 5 – 10 minutes to set up. Highly recommend.

  22. Chad

    Installed this to open and close my vertical blind automatically. Firstly, there are some very nice touches. For instance, the left or right mounting template makes it fit easily. Nice piece of kit. Great innovation. Only the noisy motor stopped me from giving 5 stars.

  23. Daniel

    I researched this product before I purchased it. Easy to configure. A few things that could be improved. First, the plug of the power cable should be concealed inside the device so that it’s easier to conceal with trunking. Second, the power adapter has a led light that’s green when in standby and red when the motor is working, this light is blindingly bright. I don’t see the point of having this light there at all.

  24. Timothy

    I used this in the dining room. Arrived quickly. Connects to the chord. The Smart Life app has been updated a bit since the instructions were written but it was still straightforward. Excellent device.

  25. Grace

    I automated my 3 blinds in our bay window, after looking round I decided to try the Ajax motor. Well worth the money.

  26. Tyreece

    Easy to install, took less than 5 minutes, quiet and remote is easy to use, pairs quickly and effortlessly to Alexa. Superb!

  27. Angelina Johnson

    Works Well. Good for blinds.

  28. Enrique

    Needed this for my lounge. Came across this product, looked decent so I decided to give a shot. The build quality is very good. The unit is heavy – largely due to the battery it contains. I first started Alexa and it detected the blind quickly. The buttons work well. Noise isn’t too loud, just a low buzz. Just caution: be careful where you cut your blind cord, since the join WILL NOT pass though the BLING COG it will jam. Ensure that there is plenty of cord before the join reaches the top of the blind near the cog of your blind.

  29. Taran

    Easy to fit, and simple to use. But there are 2 problems I have. First, when the blind is closed, there is not auto-stop, and so the blind keeps moving. Second, some of the buttons are misplaced on the remote. For example, up actually goes down and down goes up. I think maybe there was an error is the product’s manufacture. But overall, I am pleased.

  30. Peggy

    Brought six of these to link with my Alexa. I managed to set up new routines with meaningful voice commands like close and open rather than power on and power off. All set up (through Alexa) which is fantastic for me. The noise of the motors is not all intrusive. Fits perfectly.

  31. Sasha

    Perfect and initially brought this. I had a few issues but Ajax Team helped me. I brought a remote control too, which allowed me to be in control. So far so great!

  32. Michelle

    Cost effective. Works well. Easy to set up, but I had a few difficulties so I phoned Ajax for some help. Incredibly easy to use and easy to connect to Alexa using voice control.

  33. Puja Shah

    SO HAPPY! Fantastic Product! Works well with Alexa!!

  34. Pamela

    Easy to Fit and Install. Fantastic. Out ‘Smart Home’ is based around Smart Life/Alexa, so these fit in perfectly with the rest of our bits. Really easy to fit. No Drilling or other tools needed. Simple to fit.

  35. Jeremy

    Awesome tech product. Stumbled across this as I needed some blinds for my window. I purchased two of these. Easy to set up with Alexa. Great product.

  36. Anabella

    Amazing and really easy to set up. Excellent. No Nails necessary. We have set it up via Alexa on a timer to close.

  37. Elle

    Easy to instal and use. Great product, connects quickly to Alexa and easy to use. Highly recommend for anyone looking for great blinds.

  38. Jennifer

    I found the units very good and easy to install. Works well with Alexa unit.

  39. Becky

    Good quality and performed better than I thought. Overall really happy and have confidence that if there are any issues, Ajax will support. Would recommend this brand and this company.

  40. Fahad

    Installed very easily. Setup to open at sunset/sunrise in Alexa!

  41. Clare

    Love this product – it opens my lounger blind and floods the room with light in the morning but keeps prying eyes out at night. I like it as I live alone and it can have a set routine when I’m away. I had small glitch with the first device – but customer service were exemplary, I had a full technical support and speedy.

  42. Shannon

    Suggest screws, the tape won’t last too long as the mechanism is quite hectic and the tension will likely rip the tape. Motor is a bit loud, but overall I would recommend this. Easily links with Google Home.

  43. Rooney

    Love this product. The product was packed well and the instructions are straightforward. Tools are provided. Customer service was friendly. Easy to install. You can fit the blind chain into the motor using any 3 of the suitable cogs provided. It works well with my Zebra and I’ve added a sync schedule. Happy to recommend it.

  44. Sylvia

    These blinds can be scheduled for weekday opening and I have a different time for those lazy weekends lay-ins. Controlled by voice if you wish too. The only criticisms are the speed of the open/closing is slow. Easy to set up.

  45. Karan

    Blind going up and down nicely voice control from Alexa – quiet in operation and works reliably so far. Physical installation was easy although easy break connectors in my blind. Wifi and Alexa set up was all a bit.

  46. Richard Cooper

    This is a product I got because I thought it was cool… and it is. Although pricey, with warranty, I say its worth the cost for the convenience of them. The most useful feature assuming you’re in a routine is the automation. Highly recommend.

  47. TeeJay

    I set it up again, few days passed and setting were lost. It settings were lost. It seems to do this every few days. The device is right next to my router, it’s permanently plugged in and is left untouched when we’re not operating the blind. Next Unit worked fine.

  48. Isaac Ganee

    I brought these for the kitchen blinds, had to do a little jiggery to get it to fit due to the security bars. I’m very happy with it, not noisy at all.

  49. Abhi

    Turned our whole house and automated bedroom blind. I found that it’s imperative to follow instructions to the letter, particularly the setting of the up and down limits before you start on anything else. Will purchase a second bling engine shortly.

  50. Roberto

    Easy to use blind automation. This product is simple to use and works well.

  51. Tim

    I found this to be a fantastic product easy to install and it does the job. There are two things I would mention to prospective users. I think it looks better.

  52. Grace

    Ordered 3 of these for my blackout roller binds. Easy to install and set up with Amazon Alexa.

  53. Steven

    Ordered 3 of these for my blinds. Easy to install.

  54. Brian B

    It was easy to install. Highly recommend.

  55. Jaymin

    My partner struggled to open it up, but we got there eventually.

  56. Chris

    Delivered very quickly and set up was easy. The unit is well made and comes with detailed, easy to understand instructions. Within minutes it was up and running with Alexa. Connected easily.

  57. Mr F

    Works well with alexa. Connects easily. Needs Screws.

  58. Gereth

    We brought this product for our bling straight forward assembly. Works great afterwards. Fantastic service and support.

  59. Jeremy

    Great product, excellent technical support. Not only have I given this product 5 stars. Purchased a couple of these for my elderly brother needed this.

  60. Akash

    Bought this a few months ago for my bedroom, it was extremely easy to install and setup once reading through the instructions provided.

  61. Jeff

    Brilliant, reliable, and effective. Be prepared for a little frustration linking it but otherwise well worth the money and a great product.

  62. Stephen

    I love this. One of the best products. I appreciate this. Works and worth every penny!

  63. Tyrone

    Great purchase, can command it to open and close Smart Life and Alexa, yes it’s a bit loud as long as it does it’s job that’s the main thing

  64. Amit

    Noisy. If it could do what it does without making a lot of noise, that’d be grand. No apple home kit integration, these are the two reasons I am not rating this product 5/5. Still good enough.

  65. Elliot

    Really pleased with this product. Highly recommend.

  66. Hafiz

    Works great. Fiddled a bit, but eventually worked. Need to take the spring out of the blind as this causes extra friction which the motor has to work against.

  67. Kevin

    Ajax Online Blind Motor has been faultless since using it well worth the money especially when using with Alexa to control or set up schedule. Thanks.

  68. Donald

    Really great piece of kit, very happy overall. Easy to set up and connect to the app.

  69. Kevin

    Great product easy to install after a phone call to Ajax. Shortly purchased 2 after the call.

  70. Matt

    Great product, was a little unsure about buying at first but glad I did. Motor is well built, got some weight to it and feels solid.

  71. Timothy

    This motor works perfectly it is really easy to install and works seamlessly with voice commands. It will be the blind that needs lubricating or checking for stiffness. Easy to set up. Great product.

  72. Ben

    Easy to install. Pairing with the Wifi was easy and then pairing with the smart speaker makes it completely voice activated.

  73. Pauline

    Very easy to set up. I needed help on one step, which was how to set the limit. It wasn’t responding on the Smart Home App at first because I forgot that step. Happy customer.

  74. Tara

    Took long to set up, but eventually connected perfectly with Alexa.

  75. Jordan

    With the aid of online tutorials, I manage this product. Great product.

  76. Stephen

    Easy to install and works well with Alexa. Downside: it’s too loud.

  77. Anastasia

    Great product and does exactly what its suppose to do. Quick fix and automatic blinds.

  78. Jasminder

    Quick and easy to set up. Configures quickly. Easy to install.

  79. Stephanie

    Purchased this in Nov 2020. Bit fiddly, but eventually manage to set up the upper and lower limits but easy to connect to my Alexa and set up remote settings. Great product.

  80. Linda

    Works well. Easy to install, took about 20 minutes.

  81. Max

    Easy to install and set up, I use a wheelchair and its easier for me to close the blinds at the touch of a remote control

  82. David

    Great bit of kit. Could be a cheaper. Struggling of not having to reach over furniture.

  83. Zeanna

    Really enjoyed this product. I want blackout blinds at night but natural light in the morning, and this lets me have both! Great customer service.

  84. Kajal

    I had a few questions, and supplier helped. I have recommended them to many of my friends. Good product.

  85. Bradly

    Very easy to instal. Happy with the unit, easy to use and works well with Alexa

  86. Samuel

    Brought this just a few days ago, works well, quiet heavy, really good and highly recommend

  87. William

    Automatically closes our blinds at night, opens them in the morning we use

  88. Derrick

    Easy to install, clear instructions and a good security installation. Works with Heavy Curtains

  89. Christopher

    Own about 8 of these, takes about 10 -15 minutes to install, very minor problems, easily resolved and I am happy with the service and support from Ajax

  90. Karen

    Easy to install, works a treat, exactly what I am looking for and works well with our Amazon echo, instructions seem to be for a slightly older version of the app, but it didn’t cause a problem

  91. Sam

    I’ve now got mine hooked up to my blind. I had some problems installing it. Little bit noisy, but does the job!

  92. Enrique

    Easy to follow, simple to install, and superb blinds!! Easy, Simple and Superb.

  93. Obe Fweynui

    Got What I Wanted. Works well with Alexa, blinds are good.

  94. Dr Razia

    Product is simple, easy to instal and works as expected.

  95. Mathew

    Love this product, works well

  96. Phillip

    Brilliant, easy to follow instructions works great with Alexa, a bit bulky but it’s small downside for a well engineered product

  97. Mason

    This is product really good and value for money, works perfectly with Alexa and Siri from my experience and is incredibly

  98. Bethany

    Great bit of kit, I had a couple of issues trying to get the blind to open on the app but phone the technical support and they talked me through the process.

  99. Liam

    Extremely happy. Easy.

  100. Edward

    Work with Alexa. Perfect. Easy. Works well.

  101. Jarred

    First rate customer service. Great item, works well. Extra security for the back.

  102. Alexa

    Great Smart Device. Easy to install and quick to setup

  103. Lorraine

    Struggled with setting the limits, but the contacted the company and he helped straight away.

  104. Sian

    Very easy to install, setup on vertical blinds where you can’t reach the cord, now the blinds open automatically when the sun rises.

  105. Gwen

    Speedy Response. Responded to e-mail within minutes when I had connection problem. Quickly resolved.

  106. Khushi

    Does what it supposed to do. Easy to fit and connects with Alexa

  107. Louis

    Fits very easily, runs smoothly

  108. Cici

    Great Customer Service. Great product

  109. Steven

    Totally Satisfied. Use this for my vertical blind.

  110. Robbie

    Great Product. Easy to Install

  111. Freddie

    I would buy this again. Overall these two blind motors have been a great investment.

  112. Benjamin

    Easy to use, great device, high recommend

  113. Lewis

    Easy to set up

    Takes about 30 minutes to set everything up, really happy. I’ve scheduled the blinds to open and close when the sun is rising and the sun is setting.

  114. Stuart

    Better than anything I’ve seen. Responds well, works well, and connects to alexa.

  115. Debbie

    Great Product. Fab, easy to use and the product arrived quickly

  116. Moana

    Connects with Alexa and Google Home. SMART APP and CONNECT. Plus the remotes you can buy separately work.

  117. Vladmir

    Easy and ‘Smart’. I attached this to my front room window blackout. Works and put this in a routine and now its perfect!

  118. Dave

    Smooth and Quiet. Brilliant product. They look really nice. I really recommend this product.

  119. Clair Hickling (verified owner)

    Amazing product! So easy to fit and setting up was really easy. Love them!

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  • How do you connect the Blind remote

    The pairing process is very simple please see below

    Step 1: Press and hold the stop button for 6-8 sec led will flash.

    Step 2: Now press “Down” button on the remote.

    All done!


  • “My Smart Blind Motor is paired with the app, however, it doesn’t seem to be operational within the app”

    Please ensure that you have completed “Step 7” in the Installation guide. This step sets the upper and lower limit of the blind/drape.

  • “I’m having issues with connecting/pairing the Smart Life/Tuya app with the Smart Blind Motor”

    Please make sure your smartphone/tablet is on 2.4GHz WIFI frequency. If you are not sure please message us and we will be more than happy to help.

  • Is the Smart Blind Motor compatible with a Philips Hue, Samsung SmartThings or Zigbee Hub?

    No, It’s a WIFI compatible Blind Motor, which connects to the Smart Life/Tuya app.

  • Is the Smart Blind Motor compatible with Bluetooth?

    No, It’s a WIFI compatible Blind Motor.

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