Make Your Home More Secure

Feel at ease in your home with smart security sensors.

Smart Sensor Alexa

Enhanced Security with Alexa

When paired with Alexa via the Tuya/SmartLife app, you are able to create multiple routines so the sensors will work with your existing smart devices.

For example, when combined with a smart bulb, you can set it up so the light turns on when a door or window is opened, which is a great deterrent and a good safety measure.

Smart Sensor notification

Security at Your Finger Tips

You can have complete peace of mind with mobile notifications and the ability to monitor your door/window anywhere in the world.

Download the Tuya/SmartLife app and experience simple and intuitive home security in the palm of your hands.


Save Energy & Time

These sensors are the perfect intrusion warning device for a wide array of applications including homes, mobile homes, offices, dorms, hotel rooms, garages, sheds etc.

Our sensors are battery operated and do not consume a lot of energy, providing you with a long life.

Smart Sensor clean design

Clean & Simple Design

Our sensors are designed to look sleek and minimalistic and will not stand out on your door/window. The simplistic nature of this product allows reliability and effective security.

The sensors are also easy to install, with a strong double-sided sticker so you do have to get the tools out.

premium icon

Clean Design

multiple control

Complete Control

easy installation icon

Easy Installation

Home Security icon

Location Awareness


Why Choose the Smart Security Sensor?

The Smart Wifi Security Sensor adds security and makes your home safer.

These Wifi security sensors are affordable and easy to use with no complicated setup.

Pairing these sensors with your smartphone or hub could not be easier. In addition, all products sold by Ajax Online come with easy to follow instructions.

Adding security to our homes allows you to keep your families and belongings safe, as well as giving you peace of mind.

Sensors not only notify us when an intrusion is made, but they can also act as a deterrent and can prevent intrusions from happening.

Our smart sensors can be paired with your smartphone or smart hub using a dedicated app, so you are always in control. You can also monitor the safety of your home while you’re away!

Keeping ourselves and families safe is essential to us all, and smart home security helps us achieve this in a cost-effective and efficient way.


Easy to install


  • App Control, Push Notifications, Works With Alexa

Home Security

  • Security at Your Finger Tips.

Recommended Uses

  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Homes
  • Mobile Homes
  • Garages
  • Sheds
  • Dorms
  • Offices
Item Weight
FitmentWall mounted
Warranty1 year
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