The 3-Piece Blind Motor Gear Pack

small blind chain

Cord Gear

For string cords/small beads chains.

To be used with Ajax Online Smart Blind Motor.

large blind chain

Small/Medium Ball Chain Gear

For small/medium beaded chains.

To be used with Ajax Online Smart Blind Motor.

medium blind chain

Large Ball Chain Gear

For large beaded chains.

To be used with Ajax Online Smart Blind Motor.

Cord type compatibility

Our blind motor comes with?3?different gears.

Cord gear

For string cords/small beads chains.

Small/medium ball chain gear

For small/medium beaded chains.

Large ball chain gear

For large beaded chains

The gears are designed to accommodate most type of blind cords.


Compatible with beaded or corded side mechanism blinds/curtains

Our Smart Electric WiFi Blind Motors are compatible with a wide range of blind types. Please see our compatibility image for further details,

Please note: Not compatible with bamboo shades, perfect fit window blinds, pleated shades, honeycomb shades and wooden shades

Ajax Online Smart WIFI Blind Motor - Installation & Pairing with Smart Life App/Alexa/Apple Siri


Smarten Up Your Blinds & Curtains!

Compatible with blinds/curtains with pull cords & side mechanism. Works with Alexa, Google Home and Apple Siri Using Shortcuts.

  • FLEXIBLE MOUNTING We appreciate all homes are different, so we have designed our motors with this in mind. Our Blind motors are incredibly versatile and can be mounted either the wall or on a window recess.


  • HOME SECURITY Home security is very important, so having the peace of mind that you’re able to close your blinds whilst being away from home with the scheduling feature or a smart app.


  • RESTRICTED MOBILITY If you or someone you love has restricted mobility who finds opening and closing blinds challenging, then fitting an automated smart blind motor will make their life so much easier.
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