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Kitchen Integration

Bespoke LED Lighting Applications

Create unique LED lighting assemblies around the home. The Aluminum corner LED profile is designed to house LED strips in 90° corners. This is especially suited to placing LED strips around the edges of kitchens, bathrooms, showrooms, and more.

Create professional-looking LED assemblies in minutes. The corner profile is easy to install and comes with everything you need to create your perfect lighting scenes. Simply place your LED strips inside the profile and attach them in place using the screws( NOT Included).

Advanced LED Protection

The Aluminum Corner LED profile delivers advanced environmental protection from dust and moisture, reducing the risk of your strips getting damaged or dirty over time. This is especially useful when strips are placed in rooms where moisture is high, such as kitchens and bathrooms.

As well as this protection, the corner profile also offers thermal management. The profile can aid in the cooling of your LEDs, preventing your strips from overheating. By protecting your strips from these dangers, you can improve longevity and extend the life of your LEDs.

Corner profile
Corner lighting

Reducing Glare with The Corner LED Profile

If you’re looking to reduce the glare from your LED strips, the Allumiun Corner LED profile offers the perfect solution. The profile provides a good level of diffusion, improving how the light from your strips is dispursed.

Glare can be unpleasant, especially when lighting is placed near reflective surfaces. Diffusion minimizes this glare and creates a more pleasant asthetic.

Total Length100cm per channel
Total Width3cm
Internal WIdth1.9cm
Internal Height3cm
MaterialsAluminium & Plastic
Quantity Per Pack3 or 6 x 1m channel
Diffuser TypeFrosted/Milky Diffuser
Recommended LED Strip (if you do not want to see the individual LEDs )Ajax Online 96 LEDs Per Metre LED Strip Light

Compatible With

  • 19mm Flexible LED Strips
  • 19mm Rigid LED Stripss
  • Phillips Hue Light Strips
  • Ajax Online LED Strips
  • Most LED Tape Lights

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