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Secure and In Control with The 4 Zone Wall Remote

Control multiple systems in one place. This 4 Zone wall remote is specially designed to work with our Zigbee GU10 bulbs. There’s no need for multiple remotes, making control more convenient. You can adjust the Colour and Brightness of your smart Bulbs. There is a selection of 9 different modes for complete customisation.

The 4 Zone remote is perfect for controlling your smart lighting eco-system. This remote is only compatible with our range of Smart Zigbee GU10 bulbs.

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Easy Setup And Reliable Compatibility

The 4 Zone wall Remote offers no wiring and setting up couldn’t be easier. The wall Remote provides a reliable RF connection and easy operation. The 4 Zone Remote is compatible with Zigbee GU10 spotlight bulbs.

There is no complicated or timely setup, the 4 Zone Remote comes with full instructions that are quick and simple to follow.

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Dimmable and Tuneable

With the 4 Zone wall remote, your lighting is both dimmable and tuneable, therefore you’ll have no trouble creating the perfect ambience. Simply use the slider to adjust brightness and colour.

The Remote gives you a choice of settings to choose from. You can find the perfect balance that suits your needs. Whether you wish to create a cozy atmosphere or increase brightness to help you be more productive.

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Why Choose the 4 Zone Wall Remote?

The use of 4 Zone Wall Remote is a quick, simple and effective way to control your smart lighting.

This remote can make your Zigbee spotlights more energy-efficient and cost-effective. With this wall remote you can have complete control in one place. You can adjust the colour, brightness and speed of your lighting, allowing you to create the perfect atmosphere and ambience.

The 4 Zone remote has no wiring and there is no complicated setup. All of our products come with instructions that are easy to follow and you will have your system in place in no time at all.

Smart lighting has become very popular. More and more people are interested in smart technology and often the first thing people want is smart lighting. With this wall remote it makes going smart so much easier.

Smart remotes can quickly provide more convenience. They offer a simple way to control your home lighting. The 4 Zone Wall Remote gives you more control and makes for a fantastic addition to your smart home system.

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