Smart Security

zignito range

Smart security systems allow homes and properties to be easily monitored via a smartphone, tablet or computer. Receive notifications and alerts when your security is breached so you can act quickly.

Each product uses Zigbee technology to connect to your Zinito hub and sync with your smartphone, providing a simple and convenient means of surveillance even when you’re away from the premises.

Our product range includes sensors & alarms, all with the option to link to other smart devices to create a complete security system, ideal for both domestic and commercial use.

Home Security

Home Security

Keeping our homes secure is important to us all. We want to protect our loved ones and our belongings.

Smart security devices empower us to better monitor our homes and act quicker when security is breached,

Alarm systems notify you and your neighbours of dangers. Helping you seek safety and contact emergency services at the right time.

Monitor your home even while you’re away and get App notifications when a breach is made and rest assured your home is secure.

Commercial Security

Protect your business from anywhere with smart security.

Arm your smart alarm systems and be notified via smartphone, if there’s a breach or break-in.

Deter intruders with alarms and sirens or sync with other devices and call for emergency services.

Smart remotes can also be used by employees when they are at risk, allowing them to send an alert and get help when needed.

With the Zignito hub you can connect up to 200 devices, allowing you to protect premises large or small.

Commercial Security

Safe Gateway

The Zignito hub works as a bridge between devices, enabling you to control them all with one app.

The Zignito hub is quick and easy to install and connects seamlessly with other Zignito products, providing you with the ultimate smart home experience.

Connects with lighting, heating, security devices and more.

Motion Sensors


Smart sensors allow you to discreetly monitor movement in and out of your home or office.

Detect when someone enters or leaves the premises or keep a closer eye on your belongings. Each sensor syncs with your Zignito hub and connects to your smartphone app.

Notifications can then be sent to your phone, alerting you of unnatural movement.

Smart sensors can also be linked to other devices to sound alarms or flashlights when movement is detected.

Alarm Systems

Alarm Systems

Have your smart security raise the alarm so you take action at the right time.

Sirens will sound when your security system is triggered, notifying you of dangers and giving you time to act.

As well as sirens and alarms, you can also use smart remotes.

Smart remotes allow you arm, part arm, and disarm your systems at the touch of a button. You can also use the smart remotes to trigger an SOS when you need to alert others of dangers.

Smart Safety

Discover devices that can help improve the safety of your home or office.

Control Systems

Stay in complete control with Smart switches, Remotes & More.

Curtains & Blinds

Experience Smart Convenience with Blind Motors & Curtain Tracks

Outdoor Systems

Gardening the smart way with automated watering systems.


Apply smart technology to a range of appliances with smart plugs.


Explore a range of Smart lighting systems. From LED Strips to Smart Bulbs.

Smart Hubs

Sync and control all of your smart devices with one central hub.


Get the most out of your devices with smart accessories.

One App, Many Features

Apps Such as Tuya and Smart Life allow you to control all of your devices in one place.

Many Smart devices require a dedicated app, and users often find they need multiple apps to control each device separately. With Zignito, you can say goodbye to using numerous apps and connect to all of your devices to just one application.

Connect to lights, alarms, curtains and more. You can connect up to 128 devices and save time on downloading multiple apps.

Smart Security

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I measure for smart Curtains Tracks?

1. Please send End to End measurement of the track.

2. Can you please confirm where you would like the track motor to be positioned when facing the window from the inside of the room. Left or right-hand side?

3. Would you like your curtain to be drawn from the centre or the left/right side?

4. If you are interested in using the Smart Curtains to their full functionality I would suggest purchasing the following: Smart Curtain Controller

Do your blind motors work for different types of blinds?

Our Blind motors do not support Bamboo shades, perfect fit blinds, pleated shades, honeycomb shades or wood blinds. For a full list of blinds that our products do support click here. - link to a list of the supported blind types.

Is there a weight limit for the smart curtains and blinds?

Curtains have a weight limit of 60kg, blinds have a 10kg weight limit.

What kind of curtains do I need for smart curtain tracks?

Our Smart Curtain Tracks are compatible with pleated curtains.

Are the remote controllers included?

No. Controllers are available for these products as an optional purchase. If you choose to use a smart hub, you do not need to purchase the remote controller as it can be voice and app operated.

How do I install my automated curtains/blind motor?

All products come with installation instructions. If you need additional help please don’t hesitate to contact our support team.

Will smart blinds and curtains work on a bay window?

Smart blinds will work with most blinds with a side mechanism chain and the smart curtains tracks are currently not compatible with bay windows