Smart Lighting

Revolutionise your home with Automated Lighting

Smart Lighting

The Benefits of Smart Lighting

Our Smart Lighting Solutions use low energy LED bulbs instead of incandescent bulbs and can reduce the amount of electricity needed to light a room. Our products are packed with a wide array of features which really set it apart from normal conventional lights.

Smart lighting Why go smart?

  • Easy to Install and use
  • Compatible with smart devices and hubs
  • Scheduling available
  • Cost Effective
  • High luminosity
  • Energy Efficient
  • Set the perfect ambience

Smarten Up Your Lighting.

LED lighting in modern kitchen

Control Your Smart Lights With A Voice Assistant

Simple and intuitive, our range of smart lighting connects seamlessly with popular voice assistants so you can control your lights with ease.

You can control our Smart Lights with your voice. Simply ask Alexa or Google Home to turn the plug ON/OFF.

LED Light in living room

Set The Mood With Automated Lighting

Change up the look of your environment in an instant and light up your home with intelligent smart lighting.

Create the perfect atmosphere with your new smart lights. Whether you want to add colour and vibrancy or you wish to create a relaxing ambience, Smart lighting offers a range of possibilities.

Modern smart lighting

Do-It-Yourself Simplicity

Setting up your Automated lights couldn’t be simpler. And there are an array of different settings and automations to choose from. 

All of our Automated lighting products come with simple and easy to follow instructions. Our Zigbee Smart lighting products will connect with your smart hub while our Wifi lighitng can be used without. 

Colourful smart lighting

Added Home Security From Your Automated Lights

Enhance your home security. With smart automated lighting you can use scheduling features to have your lights turn on or off while your away. This feature also ensures that lights are not left on when you leave the house, saving you energy.

A Smart Product for Every Home

You’ll discover a range of products that enable you to make your home smarter. Getting automated lights couldn’t be easier. All of our products come with easy to follow instructions, therefore you’ll find that setting up is quick and simple.

As well as smart lighting, we also offer a selection of accessories that will enable you to optimise your indoor and outdoor lighting even further.

Learn More About Smart Lighting…

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Energy Efficient

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Dimmable & Tunable

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High Lumen Output

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Easy setup

Help To Make Your Home Smarter

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Your Smart Lighting Products Compatible with All Smart Hubs?

Not all Smart lighting requires a smart hub. Smart lighting with Zigbee connectivity will need to connect via a smart hub. Smart Lighting with WiFi connectivity does not require a smart hub.

Can I Purchase a Remote Control for My Smart Lights?

The vast majority of our smart lighting range does not require a remote control as they can be controlled by apps and voice assistants like Philips Hue, Smart Life, Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Are Your Smart Lights Compatible with Philips Hue?

Our Smart Lighting range with Zigbee connectivity will work with Philips Hue.

Can I Have Smart Lighting in My Bathroom?

Yes you can install some of our smart lighting range in bathrooms, please refer to the technical specifications or contact us for further assistance.

Do You Sell Filament or Vintage Style Smart Bulbs?

Yes we do sell traditional filament, vintage inspired bulbs. The great thing about our filament bulbs is that they are SMART and are powered by energy efficient LEDs. We were one of the first companies to design Zigbee and WiFi Dual white LED filament style Edison bulbs.

How Do I Know What Bulb I Need?

Please refer to the technical specifications or contact us for further assistance.

What is RGB LED?

RGB LED means red, blue and green LEDs. RGB LED products combine these three colours to produce over 16 million hues of light. Most of our smart lighting is RGB-CW-WW, the CW means Cool White and the WW means warm white. CW-WW LEDS will enable you to achieve 50,00 shades of white (2200K - 6500K).