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Smart Curtains Are A GAME CHANGER! – Paul Hibbert Review

Youtube Creator, @Paul Hibbert, recently tried out our Zigbee Pro 4 Zone Remote. In this video, he explores the amazing smart features and shows you how to get started. Check out their review in the video below.


Zignito Sensors Sync To Sonos – Smart Home Makers

Want to know how you can use our Zignito Sensors with your Sonos Sound system? Youtube creators @Smart Home Makers are here to show you how! Check out their video below!

zignito review - smart home makers

Zignito Range Review – Smart Home Makers

Youtube Creators, @Smart Home Makers, recently tried out our Zignito product range. Check out their review in the video below.

zignito review

Is Zignito The Death Of SmartThings – Paul Hibbert Review

Youtube Creator, Paul Hibbert recently tried out our new Zignito Range. Is it the Death of SmartThings? Check out his review in the video below.

whats new with ajax

Whats New with Ajax Online in 2021?

Here at Ajax Online, we’re taking 2021 by storm! We’re releasing new products and introducing new features to our website, to help make home automation even easier for our customers! We wanted to keep our customers up to date and share our latest news, here’s a breakdown of everything we’ve got going on in 2021.

Zigbee vs Zigbee Pro

Standard Zigbee Devices Vs The Zigbee Pro Range – What’s the difference?

Have you recently been browsing our smart home products and found yourself confused between standard Zigbee and Zigbee Pro Series smart devices? Well, we’re here to help. In this article, we’ll be explaining how Ajax Online’s Zigbee and Zigbee Pro Series devices compare, and what exactly makes them different. What is Zigbee Technology? Zigbee is ... continue reading
Smart Lighting Ideas

5 Smart Lighting Ideas to Try in 2021

Say hello to 2021! It’s a new year, and things are looking brighter. If you’re looking for ways to update your home without breaking the bank, why not change your lighting system?

zigbee pro led strip kit review

BEST Zigbee Pro LED Strip Kit – GeekStreet Review

Youtube Creators, @GeekStreet, recently tried out our Zigbee Pro LED Strip Kit. In this video, they test out the strips and the 4 Zone Wall Remote. Check out their review in the video below.

bright Christmas gift

The Ultimate Guide To Choosing A Smart Christmas Gift

We Know It Can Be Hard Trying to Figure out Exactly What Christmas Gift to Buy, So We’ve Made an Ultimate Smart Gift Guide.

Working from home

How To Stay Productive When Working From Home

Whether you’re new to working from home, or you’ve done it for years, it can be difficult staying productive whilst maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Here are some useful tips you can try to make working from home a lot easier.