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5 Awesome ways virtual assistants are aiding home automation

So, you?ve realized that you just don?t have a lot of time in life. Between running errands, going to work, and a social life, there?s just not a lot of time to spare. You may have also heard about virtual assistants, but you?re not sure exactly how they can help you maintain your day-to-day life or assist with home automation.

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How to make Amazon Alexa Routines – smart home automation made easy

One of the best updates to have been introduced to the Echo family of devices is Alexa Routines, which enable you to control multiple devices and perform multiple actions via a single phrase, such as ?Alexa, goodbye?. No longer do you have to reel off a long list of instructions; through simple automation, you can control devices faster.

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Smart Lights Are the One Smart Home Gadget for Everyone

Expensive smart home gadgets are still niche and of limited use. Smart lights, on the other hand, are useful to just about everyone.