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Established in 2017, AJAX Online specialises in home automation, manufacturing and sourcing innovative smart home devices. We are committed to providing each customer with the highest standard of customer service and technical expertise.

At Ajax Online, we believe that everyone could do with a break. Our modern lifestyles are so hectic, that every little convenience really does help to make things a little easier.

Even something as simple as opening and closing the curtains can be made simpler using the latest technology- so we have developed the perfect solution!

Since we offer a bespoke service, we are always happy to help you find the perfect smart tech for your needs. Feel free to get in touch with us at any time and we will be able to provide you with a tailored quote for you.

Our products are more than just smart!


Making Smart Home Automation
Easier For You

Our mission at Ajax Online is to make home automation easy and more affordable. Therefore we pride ourselves in offering quality products at reasonable prices.

In order for a house to be a home, it should provide comfort and security. With smart home automation, you can achieve this whilst also making your home more inviting to those closest to you.

Modern technology does not need to be expensive or complicated to set up. We want you to enjoy our products and therefore ensure that you have everything you need to make our smart home devices work for you.

Whether you’re looking to bring your home to the 21st century or you are someone looking for a more convenient home system, we’ve got you covered. We sell a range of products that can make your life so much easier.

Making your Home
More Accessible

We want to make your home more comfortable so that you can relax and enjoy your space. Many people suffer from restricted mobility, and this can make day to day tasks a struggle.

Your home should function in a way that meets your needs, therefore our products are designed to perform in a way that’s accessible to everyone.

Smart Home Automation can offer Voice Command and remote controls can eliminate the restrictions faced by so many, and make everyday tasks less challenging.

Here’s what Our Customers had to say…

  • Jason Vekaria AvatarJason Vekaria

    Adaptable product. Can connect to most parts of the house. Spoke to Ajay at Ajax Online and he was helpful... read more

    Smart WIFI LED Strip Kit Image
    Smart WIFI LED Strip Kit
    Rooney AvatarRooney

    Love this product. The product was packed well and the instructions are straightforward. Tools are provided. Customer service was friendly.... read more

    Smart Blind Motor Image
    Smart Blind Motor
    Sian AvatarSian

    Very easy to install, setup on vertical blinds where you can’t reach the cord, now the blinds open automatically when... read more

    Smart Blind Motor Image
    Smart Blind Motor
  • Pandu AvatarPandu

    It can hear my commands. Alexa listens well. Competent equipment.

    Smart Zigbee Pro GU10 Spotlight Bulb - HUB Required Image
    Smart Zigbee Pro GU10 Spotlight Bulb - HUB Required
    Jaymin AvatarJaymin

    Great Product.
    Range of compatible products, nice quality.

    Smart Zigbee Filament Bulb - Dual Warm/Cool White Image
    Smart Zigbee Filament Bulb - Dual Warm/Cool White
    Gina Pulpin AvatarGina Pulpin

    Worth the investment. Would highly recommend!

    Smart Curtain Tracks & Rail Motor - Made To Measure Image
    Smart Curtain Tracks & Rail Motor - Made To Measure
  • David AvatarDavid

    I got one of these Smart Blind Motor for my elderly mother and it is so good it was mentioned... read more

    Smart WIFI Blind Engine Motor for Roller Blinds Image
    Smart WIFI Blind Engine Motor for Roller Blinds
    Tya AvatarTya

    Connects well. Does the job. Simple to work.

    Smart Zigbee Plug Image
    Smart Zigbee Plug
    Scott AvatarScott

    Brilliant service good value for money and friendly Customer service and fast delivery and easy to operate they are worth... read more

    Smart Curtain Tracks & Rail Motor Image
    Smart Curtain Tracks & Rail Motor

Keeping You Up To Date
With The Latest Technology

At Ajax Online, we are constantly adding new products to our line. We want to keep you up to date with the latest smart home technology.

If you’re like us and you love everything tech, you can sign up to our newsletter and stay in the know on the latest developments and the new products that become available.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Ensure Your Smart Devices Are Made Accessible to Those with Restricted Mobility?

At Ajax Online, we sell a range of products for around the home. Many of these products can be paired with a dedicated remote, paired with your smart phone or synced with your smart hub for voice command.

Can I get support with installing these smart devices?

All of Ajax Online products come with easy to follow instructions. We also offer online support for those that need it.

How do I know if the product is compatible with my smartphone?

In each product description, we mention the devices that can be synced with the product. If you are unsure, you can get in touch with our technical support team and they will advise you on the most suitable product.

Is there someone who can give me recommendations on which smart system best suits my home?

We have a dedicated team who offer technical support and can answer any questions that you may have. We also run a blog, where we share tips, guides and inspiration on smart home technology.